Our song in MTV show

I lost my colour vision from Aboa Sleeping will be featured in  “I just want my pants back” in Episode 11 airing 29/3.

NYC and Hamburg in May

NYC Popfest 2012 Flyer

Bone Voyage release in GSA

Boom und so weiter! German Bone Voyage releases Extinctions on April 27thin Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Benelux countries. The release will be followed by a Hamburg show on May 5th on Hit the North.

Love to Extinctions

VICE 10/10 (Best album of the month): “The arrangements are impeccable and the melodies and harmonies are impressing. Hell, even the lyrics are good.”

Allmusic.com 4/5: “Despite the heaviness in the words, the bulk of the album’s music is surprisingly sunny and bright; full of lightly jangling guitars, smooth toned synths, and Rapo’s wonderfully sweet vocals.”

Soundi 5/5: “Kaksikon popteoksissa on käsityöhenkistä lämpöä ja yksityiskohtien tajua. Rytmitaustat ovat vaihtelevia, synalinjat herkullisen melodisia ja helisevät kitarakuviot hyvällä maulla sinne tänne ripoteltu.”

Gaffa.se 4/6: “Sångerskan Jessika Rapos sångstil doftar Stereolab över ett flödande och snyggt popackompanjemang av kristallklara gitarrer och ena stunden isande, andra stunden blomstrande synthmattor.”

The Fader.com: “I can’t help but picture the whole record staged under a small, warm waterfall, something South Pacific with magically varying water pressure from song to song.”

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Extinctions out Feb 1st! (U.S. Feb 21st)

Get your physical copy here:

8raitaStupido, Levykauppa Äx (Finland/Europe), Shelflife.com (US)!

And digital here:

Extinctions - Burning Hearts

BH-songs took a walk on the catwalk…

…in the R/H show for Copenhagen Fashion Week!

New single: Burn burn burn

Order Extinctions from: 8raitaStupido (Finland/Europe), Shelflife.com (US)!

Europeans can get “Burn burn burn” here:

Burn Burn Burn - Single - Burning Hearts

Helsinki Mon Amour show in Paris January 27th 2012

SUPER! et LA FLECHE D’OR présentent:

We’re now represented by GAEA booking agency in Finland


Shows in the Capitals of the Baltic part II


Can’t it be November 12th already? That’s when we’ll conquer Odessa Pop’s 5th Anniversary fest. Tallinn will be the first to hear two new songs from our forthcoming LP Extinctions.

Ei saa see olla 12. november juba? See, kui me vallutada Odessa Pop 5. aastapäeva fest. Tallinn saab esimesena kuulda kaks uut laulu eelseisva väljasuremise.